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Buy a tree today and help us restore Kaikoura and its biodiversity levels.

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We aim to balance our planting sites, just as a real forest is balanced naturally. Clusters of smaller shrubs and trees provide the 'under canopy' and large trees providing the high canopy presence in the forest. The types of trees that we plant if you pick the Small Tree category, include Mapou, Kanuka, Olearia, Lacebark, Broadleaf, Five Finger, Ngaio, Kowhai, Lemon Wood, and others. The Large Tree category also includes Totara, Black Beech, Red Beech, and others.


We prefer to select the species that is planted under each category or the forest can become unbalanced and dominated by one or two popular species. But if you have a particular tree in mind that you want us to plant, please select the relevant species in the options to the right (note there is an extra fee for selecting a specific species).

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