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About IWK

IWK Resource Recovery
IWK Resource Recovery
what is "IWK"? 


IWK was started in 1998 by the local council with the objective to reduce waste going to landfill, the strategy included starting up a recycling collection in Kaikōura. In the intervening years Innovative Waste has restructured and developed different strategies to reduce and re purpose the waste that comes into the yard.

In the past few years IWK has managed the demolition and waste material from the 7.8 earthquake that hit the town in November 2016 as well as having funding granted to complete a large redevelopment of the recycling yard to ensure the continued commitment and growth of recycling in Kaikōura.

We are currently undergoing development of a Transfer Station, and the new site will be quite different than previously.

The Transfer Station facility opened on 4 August 2024, with all general waste now being disposed of via compacted capsules to the Kate Valley Landfill in North Canterbury.

what is Our Vision?


Our vision is to be valued by the Kaikōura District as an asset which enhances our sustainable future.


We want to educate the next generation of Kaikōura in waste minimization alongside offering services throughout the local community.

Kaikōura Peninsula Walkway
IWK Recycling & Resource Recovery Centre
IWK Resource Recovery
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