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What happens to your recycling?

In our recycling yard we collect different recyclable materials individually and we ask the public to sort their clean household recycling accordingly. Our recyclables are then checked for contamination, baled and stored - ready for collection to be sent to several different recycling companies throughout New Zealand. 

Every piece of plastic in your household has a unique number between 1 - 7 inside a triangle stamped on it, that lets you know what type of plastic it is. 

Different grades of plastic are recycled in different ways, below you can see where our sorted plastics go, clink on the links to see the different end products and the process that it takes. 


OJI Fibre Solutions in Auckland - All cardboard and paper 

Comspec in Christchurch - Milk Bottles ♴, Janitorial ♴ , All ♷ 


Flight Plastics in Wellington - All Clear ♳ 

Metalcorp - All our metals including our Tin and Aluminium cans 


We have now partnered with Terracycle and are collecting materials they are currently able to recycle in individual drop off bins in our recycling yard. You can visit their website Terracycle  to find out more about the company and the projects they are working on. Click below to find out more information on the individual products we are collecting. 

L'affare Coffee Capsules
agrecovery-logo-nz (1).png

Agrecovery is New Zealand’s solution for the safe disposal of unwanted agrichemicals, and the recycling of empty containers, drums and IBCs.

IWK is proud to be a drop off point for this programme. 

A safe and sustainable alternative to burning or dumping these items, a practice now actively discouraged due to proven impacts on health and the environment. Agrecovery programmes are available to all farmers and growers, and other users of agrichemicals, biological, dairy hygiene and animal health products

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