IWK Sustainable Essential Services

 Recycling services 

IWK encourage all local residents, organisations and businesses to become actively involved recycling goods and materials to reduce waste.

 Resource Recovery  

One of the main objectives of the IWK Resource Recovery Centre is to continually increase the ability of our community to REUSE materials.

 Waste Management  

IWK have a clear understanding of the importance of our role in managing the waste we all generate. We’re looking to the future of waste management, and we have a plan.

 GreenWaste & Compost  

Green waste, also known as "biological waste," is any organic waste that can be composted. Uncontaminated waste can be turned into compost for reuse. 

 Water management  

IWK will soon be sharing information about local water management systems. Watch this space.

 Kerbside Collection  

Every household, that currently receives the kerbside recycling collection, has been provided with the equipment required for the service.