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Buy a tree today and help us restore Kaikoura and its biodiversity levels.

Trees For Travellers - new store coming soon

Trees for Travellers is a unique project, managed by IWK (Innovative Waste Kaikōura Ltd.) Our aim is simple; to increase the biodiversity of Kaikōura by encouraging people to buy a New Zealand tree, which we plant on reserves in and around Kaikōura. By buying a tree you are helping us return trees and bird life to Kaikōura township and will also make a contribution to offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions, created in your travels.

Kaikōura is world-renowned for being one of the most beautiful places on earth and we take sustainability seriously. Unfortunately Kaikōura  has lost 80% of its native trees since humans first visited here 1000 years ago. Or to put it another way, 80% of the 'green' you see around Kaikōura  today, isn't native to New Zealand.

So buy a tree today and help us restore Kaikōura and its biodiversity levels.

Until our new store is completed, you can still check us out here:

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