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Buy a tree today and help us restore Kaikoura and its biodiversity levels.

Welcome To Trees for Travellers

Join us in giving something back to the environment as you travel around NZ.
Plant a native tree in our dedicated spaces around Kaikoura and help offset your carbon footprint.

Making a positive impact on climate change and improving our local environment. 

As a business you can plant trees to show your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and increasingly sustainability.

Our Trees


We sell two types of trees that thrive on the Kaikōura peninsula. The smaller of the two, such as native shrubs and flax and large, such as Totara, Rimu and Akeake.

You can come along and join one of our planting days, grab a spade from our team leader and plant the tree yourself. Or we are happy to do it for you and send you the GPS location.

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