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82 Scarborough Street
Kaikōura 7300
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Office: 03 319 7148
Yard:  03 319 7144

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IWK Household Recycling Collections

IWK have provided crates and bags so that you can place your household recycling at your gate, to be picked up by the Kerbside Collections team every Thursday morning. To make it easier and more efficient, here are a few simple guidelines to us to help you.

  • Any recycling that is dropped off at the yard or collected kerbside cannot be contaminated. We cannot process dirty recycling. 

  • Use your green bag for all your paper and lightweight paper. This will help eliminate loose paper blowing around on windy days.

  • Place cans & plastic recyclables in your large black & green crate, and glass in the smaller green crate.

  • Cardboard can be flattened, tied up and placed under your crates.

  • Remember to Wash & Squash, and have your recycling out to the kerbside by 7am

  • Our collection team has been split up to cover the route, so if you see your crates have collected, but your paper is still there, don't worry, our team will be there and everything will be picked up on Thursday.

Any questions give us a call on 03 319 7148

Rural Recycling

For our rural residents we have recycle stations placed throughout the district that are serviced by our collection team throughout the week. Like the kerbside collection, they are for household amounts of recycling.

Stations are located at:

  • Suburban Primary School, Schoolhouse Road

  • Lynton Downs Primary School, Inland Road

  • Kekerengu, SH1

What can you leave out?

We will accept any of the following items

  • All plastics including clean shopping bags, glad wrap, bubble wrap

  • Aluminum & steel cans

  • Plastic bottles & containers, including soft drink and milk (1-7's)

  • Newspapers

  • Paper, junk mail, magazines etc

  • Cardboard

  • Food scraps in a secure container

What we can't take

Please don't leave any of the following items in your recycling:

  • Rubber

  • Polystyrene meat trays

  • Foil lined wrappings

  • Chip and biscuit wrappers

  • Coffee and cat food sachets

  • Cigarette butts

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Toothpaste tubes

  • Fiberglass