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Ph: 0800 212 213

HOURS: 7am - 3.30pm Monday to friday

IWK is contracted by KDC to deliver 3 waters (water, wastewater and storm water) maintenance and operation services. There are 7 public water supply schemes.. The team are on a rostered callout system to offer quick response to any issues outside of property boundaries 24/7

For any issues within your property boundary you will need to engage a plumber.


A number of the water schemes can be affected by Boil Water notice's (BWN). Some of these  are due to earthquake damage, some are longer - term issues. To check if your scheme is on a Boil Water Notice, why and how long we expect the BWN  to be in place, check out the Boil Water Notice under Latest News on the KDC website.

Boil Water Notice's are put in place when there is an elevated risk of contamination to the supply or routine testing results show that acceptable limits for contaminants have been exceeded.

We know living with Boil Water Notice's can be frustrating. We are doing everything we can to improve water quality and remove the notices as soon as possible whilst keeping people healthy.

Residents or visitors using water from schemes with Boil Water Notices in place should boil all drinking/ cooking water for at least 1 minute before use. This includes water for:

  • Drinking

  • Cooking

  • Making ice

  • Brushing teeth

  • Washing dishes

Te Wiki o te reo Māori

In celebration of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori 2019 (Maori Language Week) Water New Zealand produced this Te Hurihanga Wai (Water cycle)

maori water week.PNG
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